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The Orange County Wedding Season Is Here

About a year ago I started shooting a couple of weddings, and I was a bit shocked at how much I enjoyed capturing the intimate joy that exist during a wedding day. Looking back, I am not sure why I waited this long to start doing weddings alongside my portrait and head shot work.


I think a big part of the reason for this newfound passion has to do with a number of things. The main reason, if you have ever heard about Enneagram (if not, look it up at the Ennegram Institute), I am what is considered a 1. It is basically a detail oriented and focus driven person. With that in mind, I am not too surprised that I enjoy capturing all the details and hard work that the wedding couple has put in to their wedding. Another reason would definitely be that it is such a special feeling to be invited to a very unique day, a day of celebrating that two people have decided to share all the laughs and cries for the rest of their lives.


This coming week I will kicking off my wedding season in Newport Beach, followed by other weddings throughout Orange County. I was told by two couples that I met with last year, that they were very surprised by my approach to booking weddings. They had contacted a couple of other photographers and had been told that unless they basically spent a couple months’ worth of mortgage payments on services and features that they did not want, they would never find a photographer that would do a good job or invest their time and passion. Given that a wedding day should be a once in a lifetime moment, I am a firm believer in that you need to feel comfortable with the photographer you hire. If you meet someone for the first time, or do not feel a level of trust for the photographer, it is going to bring more stress to an already emotional day.


Schedule Your Wedding Test Session

This is why I always offer a potential client a complimentary test session. The main reason for this session is for the couple and I to get a chance to meet in a casual environment, e.g. park or beach to get to know each other a bit. This way they get to ask whatever questions they may have, as well as share any specific requests for certain photos they would like to see captured. It also gives me a chance to hear about their day, hear their story, learn about which people would be key to capture etc. I also make sure we set aside some time to get a couple of shots in so that they have an idea of what to expect on their wedding day, but also how I approach and direct the portrait sessions.


I am incredibly excited for the 2019 wedding season, and cannot wait to share by experiences with you.

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