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The Eyes Can Add A Lot To Your Photographs

The eyes of a person will tell a story no one will ever understand. That is, unless people take time to actually look deep into the deep gate of your sole. The eyes of a person will often say what the lips fear, why one look into the eyes can reveal if a person is hiding sadness behind a smile or even if a person is lying to the one he or she loves. Thus, it is no wonder that eyes are often thought of as the windows to the soul of a person. Whenever I am working with portraits I make sure that I place my camera’s focus point on the eyes. I do this partially because of the idea that the eyes will help tell a person’s story, but also because a beautiful set of eyes can help turn a slightly dull portrait into something mesmerizing.

“Open my eyes to see the wonderful truths in your instructions.”

-Psalm 119:18

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