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Family Getaway in San Clemente

A couple of years ago, my wife and I spent a couple of nights in San Clemente for the first time. During our first day there, we absolutely fell in love with this little town. For those of you who live in southern California, you may not have paid much attention to its existence. I am definitely one of those drivers that rarely pay attention to what towns I pass on the freeway.  San Clemente was one of them, as we would often speed past it on our way to San Diego for vacations or day trips.

Thanks to our loving and caring family, we are given the opportunity every so often to use their beach condo. Every time that we have spent a couple of nights there, and I lock up to leave, I start to wonder when we will be back again. Why you ask? Well, the fact that I can hear the waves roaring as I go to bed is definitely a big reason for why this is such a great place to come to relax. Another reason would be because cell phone reception and wifi speed in their condo is very limited. This sort of forces us to pay less attention to social media, and spend more time as a family.

There are however a lot of reasons for why I think San Clemente should be on your list of weekend getaways.

Coffee Shops

No, not Starbucks or Coffee Bean, or whatever your daily fix may be. I mean, one of a kind and delicious tasting coffee spots where you can sit down. Where they pour your coffee in an actual cup, and not a paper cup. My favorite two spots are, Bear Coast Coffee and Ellie’s Table.

Bear Coast Coffee; they define themselves as the coffee version of what micro-breweries did for beer. I think it’s spot on. There is no hiding that I enjoy a great, flavorful cup of joe in the morning. This place really delivers on the promise of bring excellent coffee from around the world to a small town.

Ellie’s Table; this was our most recent “discovery”, and by discovery I really meant that it was highly recommended. One of the things I often miss from home (Sweden) is that the coffee shops often invite you to hang out for a long time. A common coffee visit consists of a sandwhich with coffee, followed by coffee refill, before you get some pastries with more coffee. This place, Ellie’s Table really made me feel like I could spend an entire morning there. When the staff realized we had never been there before, the explained a visit like this; customers often get coffee, some food, and then come back for coffee refill and some pastries. I’d highly recommend their nitro cold brew and breakfast burrito, followed by the custard filled bun.

The Beach

I will be the first to admit that I am spoiled with some pretty amazing beaches, with Seal Beach and Huntington Beach close by home. The beach in San Clemente will initially make you think it’s not worth visiting because the sand if more of a gravel type consistency, instead of soft white sand. The main reason I think it’s worth visiting is that out of all the times I’ve been there, it’s rarely congested in the same way that SB or HB is during the summer. Another great benefit of vacationing in a smaller town.


The best thing of all is that it only takes us about 45 minutes from home to get there. When we get on the freeway to head back home, it really feels like we were somewhere far away. There is really not a lot of hustle and bustle in San Clemente, and you don’t really need to rely on your car to get around the same way we do at home.

Till next time!

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