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The Seal Beach Honeymooners

I recently had the pleasure of meeting up with Ksenia and Ryan during their honeymoon trip in Southern California. They were such an easy going couple who made the session just fly by during our time in Seal Beach. It was so much fun to hear about their wedding days (!) since they hosted both a Christian, and a Hindu ceremony. Their marriage was so fresh that you could still see traces of the bride’s henna tattoos.READ MORE

Last weekend in Seal Beach

Last weekend I had the privilege of spending my Saturday in Seal Beach, capturing some joyful moments as this family eagerly awaits their baby boy. It always feels special when someone entrusts you to capture, and help savor the feeling of them for now being a family of four – soon to become five. During this session we were also incredibly lucky to have the location all to our selves, something that doesn’t happen that often.READ MORE

The Eyes Can Add A Lot To Your Photographs

The eyes of a person will tell a story no one will ever understand. That is, unless people take time to actually look deep into the deep gate of your sole. The eyes of a person will often say what the lips fear, why one look into the eyes can reveal if a person is hiding sadness behind a smile or even if a person is lying to the one he or she loves. Thus, it is no wonder that eyes are often thought of as the windows to the soul of a person. Whenever I am working with portraits I make sure that I place my camera’s focus point on the eyes. I do this partially because of the idea that the eyes will help tell a person’s story, but also because a beautiful set of eyes can help turn a slightly dull portrait into something mesmerizing.

“Open my eyes to see the wonderful truths in your instructions.”

-Psalm 119:18READ MORE