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5 Tips To Help You Take Better Photos This Summer

If you’re like most of us, I’m sure you’re enjoying the summer. Even though I have the fortune of being a photographer here in Orange County, southern California where it seems it’s sunny all year round, there is still something special about the summer time. The beaches are filled with fun and laughter, the ice cream tastes better, and we tend to spend more time outside. Whether you’re on vacation, or you’re just spending time with near and dear family members, I have listed 5 things to help you improve on your family photography skills this summer.

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The Time of Day

If you’ve ever had your family photos taken outside, you may notice that photographers tend to schedule their sessions in the morning or afternoon. Ever wonder why that is? You want to avoid taking pictures at noon as the sun is at its highest point, which will create some really harsh shadows. I would highly recommend that you seek out a shady area, and try to have the sun behind you when you’re pressing the shutter button. Finally, you should try to capture your photos early in the morning, or later in the afternoon for a softer light and more pleasant photos.


The Right Camera

Today the majority of us carry a camera with us wherever we go. Most photographs today are captured using a smartphone; it’s estimated that we take approximately 1.8 billion pictures per day with our phones. Though they are closing the gap between phones and point and shoot cameras, they are still not a substitute for a mirrorless camera or a DSLR. If you’re thinking about picking up a camera for family photos, I would highly recommend considering a smaller camera similar to the Sony A6000. It’s an exceptional camera that enables you to change lenses, and capture some really great images. Yes, a more professional camera will up your picture game significantly. However, they’re typically heavier, bulkier, and also more advanced to use. You’d be surprised to hear how many times I hear about people who may too much camera, which now collects dust in a box somewhere. Go for easy use and easy to bring with you. Whatever you end up with, make sure to protect it from sand, water, and sunscreen!

Sixten Photography

An Interesting Composition

Don’t be scared to experiment! If you don’t like it, simply delete the photo. Try taking the photograph from the side, above, from the ground, up close etc. The options are endless. Though candid photos can be fun, by letting someone know they’re being photographed, your photos will look that much better.


Remember; You Were There Too

Usually each family has a designated photographer. I know I’m that person in my family, and I know they love to see the photos and reflect on the memories. Whenever my wife shows me a photo that I’m in, it reminds me that I need to slow down and get in the photo with them. Just about all camera today will have a delayed shutter, which means you can set up the camera and still have time to get in the picture with everyone else. Because you were there too!


Make It Count

A while back I decided to strap my GoPro camera to my son as we were playing around outside. The videos that were captured that way were hilarious, and created a very unique moment that I wouldn’t be able to capture on my own. I’m not saying to strap your camera to your child, but don’t be afraid to let them use it. Children are often a lot more adventurous than adults when it comes to exploring with a camera. Please remember that cameras can be very great tools for capturing interesting moments, and help you extend the feeling of vacation that much longer. Don’t be afraid to get a bit silly, or capture photos of unexpected details while you’re exploring the world.

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